Camping in Bir Billing, Himachal

camping in bir billingBir surrounded by tea gardens and an amphitheatre of low hills, is an ideal landing ground for para-gliders. Bir has Buddhist monasteries that are worth visiting. Billing,(2400 mts) up in the hills 14 km from Bir with an area of 200 km for high altitude and cross country flying, is one of the best aero sports sites in the country.

Bir Billing is the best place for camping as well as other outdoor Camping-in-Bir-Billingactivities. We provide Camping and Paragliding services to our client.  There are lot’s of place around the billing area with natural beauty for camping. Dev paragliding bir allows their tourist with year round activities to make their camps more exciting. Camping in bir billing is not just exciting but comes along with additional adventures such as paragliding. If the idea of spending the night under the moon and the star sky,  around a campfire with friends and just enjoy the beauty of nature that excites you, then camping is the ideal way to spend your holiday trip.

camping in bir billingWhile camping you can enjoy outdoor activities like bird watching, safaris go, explore the  nearby surroundings or just relax in the lap of nature. India, with its beautiful and diverse forests, plains, mountains and valleys, offers a variety of exciting options camps. Well at Bir Billing Adventure group, you will come across various types of camping tour packages.