Bir Billing Paragliding Course

P1 & P2  level Basic Course, P3 level Intermediate course and Advance Course

 P1 & P2 level Basic Course

The building block of becoming a skilled pilot here at Bir Billing paragliding course you will practice and learn all ground handling, safety skills, techniques and theory to get you in the air as well as getting some air time.

P1 level basic course student learns everything needed to be able to fly independently including dealing with emergencies , how to descend quickly, advanced theory of flight and meteorology.

In Bir Billing Paragliding Course  is designed to improve your skills being  a paragliding  pilot so you can make decision  independently. P2 level is not just only improving your paragliding skills but you can improve your  knowledge of the weather and flying conditions.
We usually highlights the Safety aspect of paragliding  at this stage .

We work closely to make a good relationship with our student on developing good decision making skills.

Course Name :- P1 & P2 level Basic Course
Days:- 7 Days
Per person fee :- 22000/-

Equipment and instructors
Ground Handling
7-10 solo flights depends on weather
Basic Training

Bir Billing Paragliding Course

P3 level Intermediate course

The P3 level intermediate course is for pilots looking to learn more skills and higher and fly longer. This Bir Billing paragliding course is designed to help you fly for extended periods. You will improve your skills in the air as well as freshen and expand your understanding of weather assessment, flight planning, rules of the air, meteorology and safety. You will learn how to gain soar and height like a bird for extended periods. The P3 level intermediate course builds on the skills you learnt on your P1 & P2 courses and learn the art of soaring flights. The course will take at least six full flying days to complete, can be spread over a period.The P3 Course prepares you for all this and more. With your P3 Certification you can now get your FAI : International Sporting License that allows you to participate in Paragliding competitions worldwide.

Course Name :- P3 level Intermidiate Course

Days:- 5 Days

Per person fee :- 25000/-


Equipment and instructors

High level solo flying



360 turn

B-line stall

Big ears

Long Flying


Advance Course

Course Name :- Advance Course

Days:- 5-7 Days

Per person fee :- 4000/- per day


Only instruction